'a breath of fresh air'
Waxing Lyrical August 2020

GAP IN THE FENCE is available direct from the artist here. .

'an album of sincere depth'
Liverpool Sound and Vision July 2020

Lyrics to Gap in the Fence here.



Special Preview of Album




songwriter of the week, April 2017
Iain Anderson Show BBC Scotland
'if Dr Who wrote an Album, this would be it, perfection'
CultofSuperTed RivieraFM
'This music and much of the words goes deep into the soul.'   Günther Herzing

'Ivor Cutler meets Leonard Cohen'  Neill MacColl

Photo : David Heavenor

Photo : Bill Bruce

'Beautiful....a listen to quality'
DavidFitzgerald BBC Radio Devon

'Steeped in the life's blood, pathos, humour and joyful grit of post industrial Central Belt Scotland - Michael Marra, Rab Noaks, Dick Gaughan, now add Tom Houston' 

Rob Ellen



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