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April 2023

I've just received copies of my new release Everything In The Delicatessen which will be officially released in October 2023.


The Album is Co- Produced by Joe Murray and myself and I'm lucky to have a group of amazing musicians involved over the 13 tracks : Neill MacColl, Me For Queen, Mattie Foulds, Rod McVey, Phil Alexander, Colin Steele, Joe Murray, Benn Nichols. It's a song based Album and covers a few genres and moods.


In other news I'll be playing Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival this summer , at the Verb Garden and the Burke and Hair stages. I've also got a solo show at Gairloch, Wester Ross on October 14th and I'll be supporting Tom Robinson in Howwood on the 25th November.

I've also invested in a new PC which allows me to 'up my game' when it comes to video production, so more videos are planned over the next few months.

Take care  x


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