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April 2023

I've just received copies of my new release Everything In The Delicatessen which will be officially released in October 2023.

However 50 signed advance copies are available as of now.


So fill in the contact form or order a CD.

The Album is Co- Produced by Joe Murray and myself and I'm lucky to have a group of amazing musicians involved over the 13 tracks : Neill MacColl, Me For Queen, Mattie Foulds, Rod McVey, Phil Alexander, Colin Steele, Joe Murray, Benn Nichols. It's a song based Album and covers a few genres and moods.


In other news I'll be playing Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival this summer , at the Verb Garden and the Burke and Hair stages. I've also got a solo show at Gairloch, Wester Ross on October 14th and I'll be supporting Tom Robinson in Howwood on the 25th November.

I've also invested in a new PC which allows me to 'up my game' when it comes to video production, so more videos are planned over the next few months.

Take care  x


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