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May 2022

Strange times

I'm not sure if we are entitled to 'normal' anymore.

I have just finished the production of a new Album and there's 40 advance copy CDs being printed. For the moment I have no plans to release them beyond gigs, this website and Bandcamp. I'm really pleased with the ten tracks and also excited that some of the work and recording I've been doing here at 'The Den' has been used in the final product. Just as it's been with some of the other collaborations I've been involved in this last year or so. e.g. Belle Electra with PINLIGHT and also various tracks under the name TG HOUSTON & THE JWALKERS.

PLeased to say that I've just performed a 2 set solo (sold out) show at The Bread and Butter Cafe in Anstruther. It was a cracker. Hope to be going back there soon. I've also got some things lined up at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival at the Verb Garden and at Burke and Hair. So see you there if you make it.

I'm also working on a 13 song solo Album with Joe Murray at Sessions in the House in Northern Ireland. So far we have most of the basics recorded, so are moving onto other instruments and musicians.

I'll be expecting to arrange some new live dates in the near future.

Take Carex


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